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It's All About Control! - Langemann Gates Project

The refuge has a plan to upgrade the water control system by removing existing structures and replacing them with new and improved “Langemann Gates.” The Southwest has been gripped in a prolonged drought, as a result wetlands and birds at the refuge are being impacted. To deliver water the refuge maintains four primary delivery ditches and twelve groundwater wells that flow water to both the wetland habitat that is so critical to the winter-ing birds, and the agricultural land that provides additional food for the cranes. Currently the refuge accomplishes this with outdated ‘screw-gate’ water control structures that often fail. Langemann gates represent the future of water management and sound wetland conservation for the refuge. Adopting this project is one of the best ways to invest dona-tions in habitat improvement for wetlands, birds and endangered species.

In sum, each Langemann gate creates a mini dam of water pressure that effectively and efficiently moves water to the wetlands in a way that far exceeds the capabilities of the current system. Each gate costs about $50,000 and the refuge will need up to six of these units to maintain its 2,300 wetland and 1,200 agri-cultural acres.

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Window with a View

hummingbirdsWe all know that sensation of cringing when a bird collides with a window. Birds are attracted to the habitat being reflected in the glass, mistaking it for a safe flight path. Help Friends make the window safer for our little feathered friends; we have the technology.

Help us ensure up close viewing pleasure while providing a safe environment for our birds. Friends goal is to raise $5,000 for this project. Even $25 brings us closer to reaching our goal.

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Solar Energy and LED Lighting

An effective way all of us can help the planet is through energy conservation. This can be accomplished with high fuel efficient vehicles and something as simple as turning off a light that is not in use. The Friends and the refuge are partnering with a Socorro-based solar energy company (Solaro Energy) in a multi-year project to reduce the carbon footprint and energy consumption at Bosque del Apache.

Refuge buildings will be retrofitted with energy conserving LED lighting starting with the Friends Nature Store in the visitor center, and ultimately expanding to all the buildings on the refuge. The refuge visitor center currently has an array of solar panels, and LED lighting will conserve energy placing us closer to what we produce. Additional solar solutions will be developed to provide everything from passive solar lighting in refuge buildings to solar energy to drive the refuge’s deep well water pumps. With your support and contributions to the refuge’s “greening” efforts, Bosque del Apache can become carbon neutral and reduce energy costs.

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Earth Observation Platforms

deckThe aging wooden observation decks at Bosque del Apache are to be replaced with earth observation platforms. These platforms blend with the land-scape and require less maintenance. Earth plat-forms mean the end to creaking boards, splintery railings, and wobbly, shaking platforms. They will be designed to meet the needs of people observing and photographing wildlife. Positioned for optimal viewing with the best angles and locations, these decks are solid and stable enough to steady the most powerful spotting scopes and cameras.

It is estimated that the earth observation platform project will require $20,000 to get started. Friends has already raised $5,000 from a generous long-time Friends member and featured Festival photography workshop leader, Artie Morris. Each earth observation platform structure will enhance how visitors can use the refuge.

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On the Wing - Sandhill Crane Migration Research

craneHaven’t you ever wondered, even once, what cranes really are up to when they flex those huge gray wings, spring into the air and soar over the landscape? We talk about instinct and migratory behavior, vocalizations and dance, but what can we learn? What if you could tag along?

In 2015 a research project supported by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Office of Migratory Birds and the U.S. Geological Survey’s New Mexico Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit will begin to fit sandhill cranes with Global Positioning System tracking devices that will allow researchers to follow individual cranes on their migration. For a donation of $5,000 you can be assigned your own crane to follow, or for a smaller amount join with neighbors, your child’s school or other supporters to track a crane as a group. So think about it. Are you ready for the flight of your life?

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Friends' Legacy Club

plannedgivingThe story is out. Bosque del Apache Refuge is a destination people choose to find; a place with magnificent beauty. Many first time visitors, on a journey of discovery, are stopped in their tracks. They have never seen anything like it, the birds, the views, …everything…and they never realized it was all here. Once they discover it, they want to come back. For many Bosque del Apache becomes the journey, the destination, a place and time full of meaning for them, a place they want to experience again and again, a place to share with their parents, their kids, and their friends. Regardless of what brought them here, their compass needle has moved and the journey on will be forever changed.

The refuge is 75 years old this year and 75 years from now it will still be here, a legacy for future generations of first time visitors. To quote Aldo Leopold, “I do not imply that this philosophy of land was always clear to me. It is rather the end result of a life journey.” If Bosque del Apache is part of your journey, you can help to build that legacy with a Life-Income gift that will be a lasting commitment to help sustain this valuable natural resource.

To learn more, please review our Legacy Planning brochure and contact us with any questions ( ; 575-838-2120)

Sustaining Membership

By coming to Festival of the Cranes or being a member of the Friends of Bosque del Apache, you Logo Friends of the Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refugehave already made the decision to be a supporter of the refuge. Thank you for your annual support.

If you are already an annual supporter perhaps you would consider becoming a Sustaining Member. With your monthly donation as a Sustaining Member, you are increasing our capacity to plan projects. As a Sustaining Member, you are part of the PRESERVE Network. This is a network team of individuals and companies contributing to the development of sustainable solutions and achievement of long-term goals.

Each new Sustaining Member helps bring forward refuge, wildlife and habitat projects and initiate new ones to ensure the stewardship and conservation of a true national treasure.

Are you ready to help us meet these challenges and take the next step in conservation? Just click here and select the Sustaining Club Member box to get started!



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