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Cuba, a birding opportunity


Is Cuba on your list of places to go?

Come join the Friends of the Bosque del Apache NWR and get a tax deduction to booth.


December 9-18, 2017, the Friends will be exploring the eastern half of Cuba. Flying into Holguin we will start our adventure.  Holquin is Cuba's brewing capital.  We will be visiting Pinares de Mayari an area with 21 endemics. Then go to Baracoa, Cuba’s oldest city. While there we will visit Parque Nactional Alejando de Humboldt. The area has the richest flora and fauna in Cuba. Birding should be great.


Then on to Santiago We’ll visit San Juan Hill made famous the “rough riders”. We’ll bird the area and learn a lot about the historical significance of the area, from Diego de Velázquez,  Hernán Cortés to present day.


Three hundred seventy different species or birds have been recorded in Cuba, twenty seven are endemic to Cuba.  Come an join us. Find new birds, make new friends, and learn more about our neighbor just south of Florida.


Possible endemics to be found on this trip:

Gundlach’s Hawk

Blue-Headed Quail-Dove

Cuban Parakeet

Cuban Screech-Owl

Cuban Pygmy-Owl

Bee Hummingbird

Cuban Trogon

Cuban Tody

Cuban Green Woodpecker

Fernandina’s Flicker

Cuban Vireo

Cuban Crow

Cuban Gnatcatcher

Cuban Solitaire

Yellow-headed Warbler

Oriente Warbler

Cuban Grassquit

Zapata Sparrow* Very rare in eastern Cuba

Cuban Blackbird


The link for our trip is:





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