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2015 Workshops and Tours

All special events and workshops listed on this page are FREE and open to the public (except for some of the workshops and events during the Festival of the Cranes November 17-22, 2015). For more information please call 575-835-1828.

To see some of the great workshops we have had in the past, please peruse past notices here. All 2007-2010 posters are are available here: Event Posters!

2015 Tours

  Spring Tours      
  *Please make reservations at 575-835-1828 ext.0  
  Topic Days Times Description  
  Birding for Birders*

Saturdays March

8:30-10:30am Designed for the birder who knows common birds and wants to move on to more challenges.  
  Duck Identification* Sundays Feb.-March 1:00-2:15pm Join a naturalist to view some of the twenty species of ducks that call the refuge home and learn how to identify them and the differences between divers and dabblers, males and females, speculums and lamellae.  
  Canyon Trail Hike* Saturdays Feb. 21- April 18 8:15-11:15am A naturalist will guide you on a two mile, round-trip hike to seek out signs of wildlife as you explore a desert canyon.  
  Wildlife Tour*

Saturdays & Sundays Feb.-March


Sat. 2-4:30pm

Sun. 9-11am

Come along with our naturalists and search for the wild things that call the refuge home.  
  Raptor Ramble* Saturdays Feb. 9:30-11:30am An opportunity to search for raptors on the refuge, looking for different plumages of red-tailed hawks, distinguishing male and female northern harriers, and more.  

School Bus Tours
Educators- Don’t miss an opportunity for your students to experience one of New Mexico’s most fascinating natural resources. The Friends of the Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge is pleased to offer bus scholarships to defray some of the travel costs to visit the refuge. Schools may be eligible to receive a scholarship by filling out the Bus Scholarship Application (pdf file).

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